AKi's transcendency imagination and color representation art works at liberty wtih unique penetration and observation power  have been giving you "feel at ease" "surprise" "realize" "push someone needs" moments and giving imagination and power of idea for Kids. We have been  happen upon "moments" with AKi's art works. ( About AKi )

 We are creating "yoour important moments" with you throughout AKi's art works ( Painting and  Drawing ) and Products ( under the  food, clothing, housing, playing( AKi0401Project ) and health of ) from now on. 

About AKi

April 1, 1987 Tokyo / JAPAN


I'm drawing pictures to survive. I'm surviving to draw pictures.

When you see appearance of a hippopotamus that opened a big mouth, some people say
"It has a yawning in carefree", some peoples say "It is threatening frightened to fear" 

I want to draw the truth what imagery from the bottom of my heart and to tell the truth. As in the hippopotamus, as can be stir the imagination of viewers.

Someday, I dreamed of overflowing full of compassion and kindness what consider the feelings of hippopotamus in this world.

 Japanese artist. He got golden award and the award of Japan-Spain intercommunion honorary artist for his work, “Mother Forest” released in Maritime Museum in Barcelona. He also published his work “History” in Japan-Grice 110 year amity exhibition and got Special Jury Prize. He taught at Musashino Art University when he was just 23 years old as a mentally-disabled guest instructor, which was the very first time in Japan. Some critics say his art can try the viewer’ s sense, others also say it has superb color sense.

・2008 “Mother Forest” released in Maritime Museum in Barcelona.  Gold Award  and Japan-Spain Friendship Honor writer nominated

・2009  “History” released in Japan-Grice 110 year amity exhibition. Special Jury Prize

・2010 Transfer the main exhibition hall from AOYAMA to GINZA in TOKYO

・2011 JT Tokai branch / MARUZEN Book store  Special Exhibition

・2012 JT Kobe branch  Special Exhibition

・2012 「green label relaxing」(stuffed animal) adopted

・2013 KYOTO Bukkoji Buddhist Temple / KYOTO Goou Jinja Shinto Shrine Special Exhibition

・2013 Kyoto Hotel Okura / Nihombashi Mitsukoshi Main StoreNHK sponsored business) Special Exhibition

・2013 「PUAL CE CIN」「ehka sopo」(Fashion brand)adopted / Textile(HOKKOH CO., LTD.)adopted

・2014 KYOTO HONEN-IN Special Exhibition

・2014 Hotel Okura TOKYO / Kyoto Hotel Okura / Isetan Department Store (Shinjuku, TOKYO and Urawa, Saitama Prefecture) / Tobu Department Store (Ikebukuro, TOKYO) Special Exhibition 

・2014 SoftBank Corp. Cell Phone manual / The Japanese Midwives Association  Journal cover adopted

・2014 「J.PRESS」「SENSE OF WONDER」「ikka」「GLOBAL WORK」「FELISSIMO」「gym master」(Fashion brand)adopted

・2015 Isetan Department Store (Urawa, Saitama Prefecture) / ONWARD GALLERY Nihombashi Special Exhibition

・2015 Japan Philanthropic Association Journal cover adopted

・2015 Takashimaya Kyoto Store  (The Kyoto Shimbun sponsored business) Special Exhibition

・2016 Eco information center (Chuo city, TOKYO) / HAKONE Jinja Shinto Shrine  Special Exhibition

・2016 Tobu Department Store (Utsunomiya, Tochigi Prefecture) / Izutsuya Department Store(Fukuoka Prefecture) Special Exhibition

・2016 Unicharm Corporation's product catalog / Japan Football Federation for Persons with Intellectual Disability's pamphlet adopted

・2017 Tottori Prefecture art museums traveling exhibition (Tottori Prefecture sponsored business) 

・2017 COCO&K.(Upcycling &Fair Trade bag)adopted

・2018 Keio Department Store (Shinjuku, TOKYO) / SOGO YOKOHAMA (KANAGAWA) / MARINE & WALK YOKOHAMA  Special Exhibition

・2018 Japan Football Federation for Persons with Intellectual Disability  World Cup Cheering flag

・2018 AKi Open ATELIER  (A.D.NÉEL Kichijoji PARCO Branch Shop)  Open

Unique Penetration and Observation power

  Until come across the presence of picture, I was so frustrated because I could not express what I wanted to say "Thinking" and "Question." Material to cook even in together, taste will change if changing the order. Such as cooking, I was able to give unique penetration and observation power by the growth process ( the order in which interested ) Since I was born, I had thought it was all the same thought because "Thinking" and "Question" were in the my head as a matter of course. One day when I showed off my Art works to everyone, I was aware of the difference between everyone. The moment I can find a difference, has become one of the creative impulse now. Drowing picture is me and my way of life.

 If I have something for interest, I do thoroughly but it is not interested in reverse, does not do anything. 0 or 100%. For example,  My interests "animal", will continue to observe all the way until it is stored as a single image in my head. even spend one hour, half a day, one day... I have no concept of the time. Probably, This is same time as everyone of draft drowing. My draft drowing is terminated all in the head.  Also, This image is to be useful, it is possible to come drawer in my head anytime, anywhere. That's why I do not need to draw while watching. However, I might forget sometimes, It meens that I had lost interest for me. Good meaning and bad meaning, I'm always 0 or 100%.

Carefree Color Representation

  I do not have a color concept sach as red is red, yellow is yellow, blue is blue, elephant is gray, Giraffe is yellow from childhood. Carefully insight and observed, Look different color to each individually. Despite the same thing, yang of light, temperature, even just the mood will make different color. It is seen fine to me. My drowing mainly subject "animal" there is a beauty in every single life. Its beauty is to convey through my art works is my mission. My color representation are all self-taught. My Grandfather had engaged in the printing shop. There was the "color of paradise" for me. And There is also the living environment was downtown, apparel brand, museums, the top level of each genre was on the familiar. I was absorbed from there.  








 Thank you for all you have done for me.  Tohben Yukawa