AKi's transcendency imagination and color representation art works at liberty wtih unique penetration and observation power  have been giving you "feel at ease" "surprise" "realize" "push someone needs" moments and giving imagination and power of idea for Kids. We have been  happen upon "moments" with AKi's art works. ( About AKi )

 We are creating "yoour important moments" with you throughout AKi's art works ( Painting and  Drawing ) and Products ( under the  food, clothing, housing, playing( AKi0401Project ) and health of ) from now on. 

Art Works



water-based painting on canvas fabric(Exhibition and Event Schedule)is main works, and paper, flag(fabric), wall painting, signboard etc...( Art works gallery  ) We are waiting for your order, request, leasing contract, event request, collaboration ( B to B  AKi0401Project)etc... Please feel free to contact us !!
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I had to know drawing for conveying the feelings before I knew  speaking, talking and writing. Since then, I have continued to draw thousands, tens of thousands illustrations such as language. Illustration is my life work and my message for you( Art works gallery )We are waiting for your order, request, event request, collaboration ( B to B  AKi0401Project )etc... Please feel free to contact us !!
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AKi 商品紹介


B to B ( AKi0401Project ) Fusion of imagination and technology and endless possibilities with the Art. We deliver to your hand more people as more practical items. Please feel free to contact us !!
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